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August 20th, 2008

12:22 am: feminists
Women never cease to disappoint me.

So many women complain that men don't love them for their personalities, only for their looks. The vast majority of those women say the personality traits they're looking for in a man include confidence, assertiveness, and decisiveness; but how many women actually display those traits, especially when dealing with someone they're interested in? They'd rather sit around looking pretty while expecting someone else to do the work of actually getting a relationship started. No amount of complaining about gender roles will get them to actually break out of their role and make a move on their own. It's one thing for a woman who accepts gender roles to expect to be valued for different traits than a man, but for the women who believe that they should be treated as equals and judged by the same standards as men to be so unwilling or unable to adopt the personality traits that they expect in men makes me wonder how they can expect to be valued for their personalities.

Men have to do 90% of the work of getting any relationship started; women rarely initiate flirting, they rarely ask for our numbers, they rarely touch us unless we've touched them first, they rarely kiss us unless we've kissed them first, they won't ask us out on dates or flake on us if they do, they won't make the first move no matter how badly they want us, but they'll for damn sure complain that relationships aren't equal in a way that implies that they're the ones getting the worse deal, that we're using them and they're being used. Getting used is the easy part: you don't have to make any decisions, you have no responsibilities, you always have someone to blame when things go wrong or when things don't work out. If you don't get what you want, you never have to blame yourself or analyze what you did wrong, and you even get to feel like you're being useful to someone in the meantime.

But somehow, men get accused of being shallow and superficial because the only thing we can find to like about women is their looks, because it's too difficult for women to have the type of personalities that we could actually value them for. When the majority of women would be lying if they said fashion, makeup, hair, and shoes aren't among their main interests in life, how the hell is it our fault that women are judged by their looks? Women like it when men look good, but you don't see us giving a fuck or going out of our way to change the way we look to impress them. If we so much as comment on a woman's looks (and they'll beg us to tell them what we think about their clothes, their hair, etc.), they'll spend hours obsessing over it and changing their appearance to meet our needs. If women are such sheep that they'll rearrange their lives to meet someone else's needs and desires, in what way can they claim that they actually have enough of a personality to be loved for it? And if women want to be loved for their personalities, why spend so much time and effort catering to the type of men who couldn't love a woman for who she is inside even if they were lucky enough to meet one who actually had something inside, instead of at least catering to men who may appreciate good looks but care more about more important things, let alone actually doing what they want instead of spending their entire lives worrying about what other people want? How are we supposed to respect you when your entire self worth is based around what other people think of you?

If women really wanted a different position in life, they'd have gotten it by now; if they were actually men's equals and actually able to handle the same things we can handle, they'd have already marginalized the men who don't treat them equally and they'd have their equal treatment by now. Unfortunately, the vast majority of women aren't capable of living up to equality, and most of them wouldn't want it if it were forced upon them. It would simply be too much work for them, and they'd rather sit around looking pretty while expecting other people to get what they want for them so they can complain whenever things don't go their way without ever having to do anything about it.

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October 10th, 2006

08:56 pm: In response to my last post:


From Jeff Dunham - Arguing With Myself. Very funny dvd, worth checking out.

Anyway, the trips were fun, Kamelot rocked the fucking house, my brother's kids were a lot less annoying this time than when they were here in the middle of a two week road trip ^_^ and I found out about a series called Heroes that's pretty good. And saw my grandparents for the first time in about 5 years, second time in about 10. Definitely worth the trip. :)

"At times one remains faithful to a cause only because its opponents do not cease to be insipid." - Friedrich Nietzsche

Ran across that one today, and it's so true.

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June 14th, 2006

10:51 am: bla bla bla
I'm tired of meeting hot girls who are actually tall enough for me and not being able to talk to them, so I'm taking up sign language. Seriously, the hottest woman I've ever seen was deaf, and we've now got 3 regulars at work who are hot and deaf. However, I will gain the capability to flirt with them by the end of summer.

So far I've mostly got the alphabet memorized. Not bad for 2 days.

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March 22nd, 2006

05:54 am: Christians may be offended by this, please realize that it's intended as a joke and if you're likely to be offended by it, don't read this.

Anyway, there's this hot goth/satanist chick in Omaha that Randall and I ran across on myspace, and I just sent her the following message on his account. >:D

You're an evil sinner, and I'm here to save you. Don't let Satan rule your life! Let God's love fulfill you - I know there's a hole in your soul, and you're just begging for it to be filled, begging for anyone to come along and fill your hole, but it won't ever be fully filled until you let God love you. God's love is bigger than Satan, God can fulfill you longer and better than Satan ever could! God can fill every hole in your life all at the same time. Can Satan do that? Repent, and let God's love fill your holes!

I'm sure you want to disregard this message and continue loving Satan, because you're a very, very bad and misled girl. If I had my way with people like you, I'd tie you up and spank you until you praised God for creating paddles to assist in saving your soul! Jesus loves you, and I'll teach you to love him, too - multiple times a night, if necessary! Jesus is going to come into your life, he's going to come everywhere and his love will flow over everyone. Let his love penetrate your soul - eat his love, drink his love, swallow his love and make his love a part of you! Let God and Jesus love you, taste of their love and rejoice, for their love is sweet, and not bitter like Satan's hatred.

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March 21st, 2006

09:50 am: Ah, Nebraska, where we go all of winter break without snow, and celebrate the end of spring break with a foot of it.

March 19th, 2006

03:36 pm: I suppose it's about time to link to this, now that there are two comics up:


Anarchy Soda, now with 56% more rebellion!

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04:48 am: Vicky's tire went flat on the way home, when AAA said they'd be at least an hour she told us to walk home so hopefully she's alright.

My feet hurt like a bitch though, after carrying 144 bottles of soda upstairs, then working for 9 hours, then walking a mile or so. Today was not a day for my new boots. :(

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March 17th, 2006

05:39 pm: Wang is shedding his winter coat. It's everywhere. No wonder people don't like hairy wangs.

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March 15th, 2006

10:19 pm: http://www.theonion.com/content/node/46227

"I already belong to a health club, a church, and the Kiwanis Club," Tammy Golden of Los Angeles wrote. "I'm a member of the Von's Grocery Super Savers, which gets me a discount on certain groceries. These are all well-managed organizations with real benefits. None of them send me a confusing bill once a year and make me work it out myself, then throw me in jail if I get it wrong."

:D :D :D :D

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March 14th, 2006

01:14 am: I know I thought of things to post about, but right now all I can remember is that our toilet broke, and I currently have superglue all over my hands from having to fix the chain in the back.

Oh, and for those of you who are gamers and even the slightest bit interested in politics: http://www.videogamevoters.org/

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